Class Registration v3.0 - Esko Public School

A minimum number of online registrations are accepted per class.  If your registration is denied, please contact Community Education (879-4038 or to see if there are still spots available.

*By registering for a class you are agreeing to allow videotaping and photos of participants to be used for publicity purposes.

Please note many classes require registration a number of days prior to class to ensure enough materials for all participants.

Updated Refund/Discount/Scholarship policy: Refunds can be given on classes that have not begun with notice 24 hours prior to the start of class. Once class has started, refunds can not be given. Discounts and scholarships are available for school readiness and ECFE classes with appropriate paperwork filled out. Ask in the office for that information if needed. 


Cool Kids - School Age Child Care

Before and after school care for school age children as well as wrap-around care for those attending 3 and 4 year old preschool classes. This site is for registered families only.


School Readiness Preschool

School Readiness Preschool is a half day program for children 3 years to children not yet in kindergarten. Through age-appropriate curriculum, this program prepares children to enter into kindergarten with the skills they need to flourish and progress. Characteristics of School Readiness include:
* Focusing on getting ready for kindergarten
* Emphasis on emerging literacy
* Child observation and assessment * Enhancing personal, social and physical development
* Parent and child kindergarten preparation
* Collaboration with Early Childhood Special Education
School Readiness Preschool is located in the Esko school. The program is staffed by qualified, licensed teachers.


Here you will find all activities for youth. After school clubs, sports and fitness opportunities, drivers education and youth basketball.

If you are having trouble logging in to your account, please call 879-4038 and we will assist you with your login information.  Do not create a new account - Thank you!
Anyone with accounts with balances over 30 days old have been disabled. Please call the office to pay old balances before registering for new classes.