Class Registration v3.0 - Esko Public School


Here you will find all activities for youth. After school clubs, sports and fitness opportunities, drivers education and youth basketball.

Destination Imagination

Do you like to:
*Write plays or songs?
*Build and/or paint stage backgrounds?
*Solve problems using your creativity and imagination?
*Create and sew costumes? Act in plays or skits?
*Research scientific topics?
*Perform in front of audiences?
*Create an improvisational skit in 5 minutes?
*Build mechanical “things” or other structures?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, Destination Imagination may be for you!!

Driver Education

Look here for opportunities for classroom drivers education for new drivers.

Sports and Fitness

Look here for registration for sports camps and special drills and skills events. Summer sports camps are here!